Worth Paying a Little More

  It is rather odd that a filling station would sell alcoholic beverages but some do. It makes money and that is the god of many. Those stations that don't sell it may charge a cent or two more for gas but it is worth it not to be a contributor to the prosperity of those who sell it. Try the Co-op.

  Whenever possible it is best to buy your groceries at a store that does not sell alcoholic beverages. In some areas such stores don't even exist. Why? It makes money and that is the god of many. But there are a few that have higher standards and it is worth it to pay a little more and not support those who support the devil's brew.

 If you go out to eat it is difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve alcoholic beverages over in a dark corner somewhere. But there are places yet that prefer the decent customer to the boozer. In some areas such places do not exist because the general populace thinks sinning is all right with God.

  It is worthy paying a little more, doing without, than support the number one drug problem in America. The life you save may be your own or that of your loved one. Saving the soul should be considered also.