Would You Believe Him?

  It is not uncommon for people take exception to what a preacher teaches. It is well known that many are teaching error regarding marriage, divorce and remarriage. Most preachers do not get overly aroused because some reject the truth even though it is always disappointing. But how one objects tells on a person.

  I once received notice from a man who differed with the teaching regarding the guilty party in a divorce not having the right to remarry. HE DEMANDED A DEBATE. Assuring me that he would be courteous and gentlemanly he embarked on a barrage how nobody of sense would forbid marriage to the guilty, nobody except a coward would refuse to debate, no preacher worth his salt would refuse his demand if he had any "guts." He was really enjoying his tirade..

  I wondered how reliable were his assertions he would be courteous in a debate. If he wrote a letter of introduction with such venom, how would he react when his error was exposed? I feel sorry for him.