The Wrong Start

  There is one sure thing that can be said about liberal religionists and that is they are an arrogant and pompous crowd. They presume the right to tell God how they can come to Him even when it transgresses what God has taught in the Word. They will insist in praying the "sinner's prayer," just raise your hand and ask God to save you, do whatever you wish as long as you are sincere and God is obligated to accept it. And they wonder why their critics think they must think they are the god to obey. By what line of reason does any man consider his will to be above God's will and God must take whatever man dishes out? That is LIBERALISM.

  In spite of all the hoopla from liberal pulpits, faith, repentance, confession of Christ and baptism into Christ for the remission of sins remains the Biblical teaching regarding how sinful man comes to God. Nobody can change that. It may be ignored and ridiculed but it remains that way.