Yes, I Remember

  It has been many years ago since I was a child back in the l930's. We did not have television but there were the cowboy movies for ten cents on Saturday afternoon in a little storefront theater which also featured newsreels about world events. The cowboys impressed me most but I also remember seeing a man with a mustache standing before tens of thousands of people in Berlin acting like he was the savior of the world and the most glorious thing to ever bless mankind. We all know who he was and the kind of person he proved to be.

  Therefore I am not thrilled to see another come along with arrogant pride standing before thousands in the same Berlin as if God has anointed him to be the one that would bring everything good to everybody on earth. The quest for power through senseless rhetoric has been the weaponry for despots throughout history. Pride destroys people; both the proud and those the proud affect. God spare us from such tyrants is my prayer.