You Are So Peculiar

  His old friends found him so peculiar. He did not go to the bar with them anymore. He cleaned up his speech and no longer laughed at their vulgarity. He even would absent himself from their former gatherings in order to be present for worship of God. Once he even expressed his joy over a former friend who started studying the Bible with him.

  How peculiar can you get? He has become the target of ridicule and snide remarks. Some have taken an observable hostility toward him that was not the case previously. His lifestyle changes makes them uncomfortable and gives them feelings of guilt. Wonder they they feel guilty? Could it be because they are guilty but do not want to admit it?

  Those who become Christians and start to live the new life in Christ often find former "friends" considering them "so peculiar." But after all, are we not expected by our Savior to be that "peculiar" people? (Titus 2: 14).