You Better Think Again

  We all know that everything that is called "Christian" is not Christian according to the Bible. People have thrown the label "Christian" on so many things that are not remotely connected with Christ and His teaching. But it is sad truth that most anything that is called "Christian," however foreign to the Scriptures, is under attack in our country and the world generally. We have thought freedom of religion was something would forever enjoy and the government would protect that. YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!

  Our government does not have leaders in any branch of government that can be trusted to defend religious freedom. In fact, more and more tax money is being used to advance abortion, sexual perversion, humanism, and the gradual removal of anything "Christian" from public places, classrooms, government offices, etc. This nation, founded on "Christian" principles has become one of Christianity's worst enemies. So many are so ignorant and naive that they refuse to acknowledge it. They even vote for those who would reduce true Christianity to nothing.