You Can't Tell Some Folks Anything

  They think they are the smartest, wisest, best informed and most intelligent creatures to have ever lived and what they do not know does not matter. They do not receive instruction. Evidence means nothing to them if they think otherwise. Nobody has anything to offer to them that they do not already grasp or dismiss. This kind of pride and self proclaimed superiority dominates the life and attitude of many people. It is more often true among the elite "experts" of academia who have collected some arbitrarily determined degrees from some schools that they think makes them "somewhat."  Their nose is turned up so high if they were caught in the rain they could drown.

  You see this demonstrated by evolutionists, "scholars" and "scientists" who simply brush off whatever shows them to be fools because they are determined to deny God. They act as if going to hell is an honor. They shall receive their honor in time. And nobody rejoices over their self-imposed fate.