You Could Also

  Things that other people can do can be done by you also. The Scriptures teach that people can believe a lie. They may be honest and sincere in what they believe but it not be the truth. If they can do it, you can do it also.

  But we have that great advantage and blessing from God that we can "search the Scriptures" and know what is so. If it harmonizes with "thus saith the Lord" we can be confident it is the truth. If it does not, we can be just as confident it is a lie.

  Whether we believe truth or error is one serious matter. But whatever we do, either way, does not affect the truth being the truth or a lie being a lie. God's will and mind is revealed in His Word. Only when we believe what God teaches are we believing the truth.

  Now this is a matter of "authority." That is a word liberals hate because it requires them to obey God while they rather "do their own thing."