You Don't Have to be a Genius

  America faces a crisis in leadership. Selfishness, weakness, cowardice, treason, graft, lying, stealing, all forms of immorality, etc. are characteristic of government people in all three branches of national government as well as state and local levels. Sadly, they probably accurately represent the population that put them in places of authority.

  America will not survive and freedom will not prosper under people who kill babies, want the state to rear children, confiscate more and more property by taxation, cut and run before enemies, lawlessly open our borders to illegal immigrants, lie and cheat the public for their personal benefit, and act like many "public servants" have done the past fifty years.

  Some people close their eyes to reality. Others don't care. But corrupt leaders will destroy the country and there seems to be a scarcity of potential leaders who are not this way. You don't have to be a genius to see what is.