You Tell Me...

  You have heard it said, "You tell me then we will both know." Some people in our world shut their eyes to the barbarism of Islam and pretend it is a religion of peace. It is a religion of death to those who are not Muslims. It is a fascist tyranny controlled by a radical and mentally deranged pack of vicious tyrants whose policy is to exterminate any who differ with them. Yet, even in our own country, there are politicians, religious leaders and "educators" who close their eyes to the reality of that system. Why they should not be considered enemies of freedom and humanity is beyond explanation.

  So you tell me why Islam is a good thing. Find its merits. Most anywhere in the world you find terror and brutality sponsored by Muslims. You tell me why Islam is not an enemy of America and then we'll both know. Their record over thousands of years tell me otherwise.

  Then there are those sick and diseased minded stooges who think the way to defeat this enemy and have peace is to "cut and run." That is the major plea of the Democrat Party. God help us to awaken to the reality of the perils we face and not shut our eyes to it.