You Think You Are the Only Ones?

  Whenever you preach that salvation is only in Christ somebody will ask, "Do you think you are the only ones going to heaven?" But what anybody thinks is not the authority. What God says determines the answer. Nobody has the right to insert his "thinking" in place of what God has revealed.

  When people obey the conditions of salvation as God has taught and remain faithful they shall be in heaven. Those that don't, won't. That is not wrongfully judging anybody. That is simply God's Word about it. Nobody can change that by their sneers and accusations.

  When Scripture says Christ saves the obedient, who has the right to say they will be saved whether obedient or not? Sounds like somebody is judging God, doesn't it? The ones God says will be in heaven are those who believe and obey the gospel. We should accept Him at His Word.