Your Choices are Restricted

  God created man with the power of choice and he assumes the accountability for his choices. We can choose to do evil or choose to do what is right. We are not forced either way. The Word of God teaches what we SHOULD choose but God leaves it to us to decide.

  Maybe marriage can illustrate. Before marriage a man or woman can choose anyone they wish to be their companion. But once married each is committed to their mate to the exclusion of all others for life. Their choice of companions is restricted and limited.

  Likewise, before we are saved we may choose whatever manner of life we wish. But having come to Christ we are obligated to follow Him in what we say, do and think. We are not at liberty to go just anyway we see fit. This is why many do not want to be Christians. They prefer their own will to the will of their Creator and Judge. It means their condemnation.

  Paul wrote of the Christian, "Ye are bought with a price... ye are not your own" ("First Corinthians 6: 19, 20).