Your Value

  This article does not pertain to your financial worth, but your real value. Maybe you and others may not place such a tremendous value on you but our Lord does and for a very good reason. He considers you worth more than all the world (Matt. 16: 26). We should accept His evaluation of each one of us.

  There is good reason He thinks this way about us. He obviously thinks you are worth salvation because He gave His life to accomplish that goal for us. We are so valuable in His sight because he recognizes, (and so must we), that we are immortal in that our spirit will never die, cease to exist, but will dwell somewhere in eternity. If this is not true even this life on earth loses any purpose or meaning. Nothing matters if it all ends in the grave.

  We can be lost or saved. We make the decision which it will be. I know Christ thinks we are worth saving. Do you?

  If we agree with Him we will learn His will and follow it because that is the way, the only way, to heaven.